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So many aspects to 'dieting' not that I like that word, so let's use Balanced Nutrition. Without a doubt PLANNING is key. I mean let's be honest you FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. When you see Bodybuilders (BB's) - and I use that term because the you think meal prep , well I think of BB's. They will plan their day and their weeks in regards to meals. They have a certain amount of calories to hit daily & weekly.

So with that comes planning. Food prep. If that frightens you, then I think we need to look at why that frightens you. Because what ever holds you back will stop you from going forward with a calorie deficit (or surplus!).

Maybe it's the idea it has to be chicken and broccoli (insert vomit emoji!) and please don't think it has to be. So although my picture shows a 'healthy' snack insert chocolate or a brownie it's just what I love to eat. So on that! Food has to be enjoyable for you other wise you will not stick to the plan. Your meal prep should include food you enjoy and love to eat, it just may be in a smaller portion.

Fibre... is essential for a healthy digestive system. We should be aiming around 24g a day. This snack here is about 8g so about 17g more and I will hit my target. Having a decent amount of fibre will allow me to poop often - let's aim for 1-2 times a day!... Fibre also fills me up and helps with satiety.

During our 12 Week Challenge I will be asking participants to journal their food diary & planning. Each meal will be based around: protein, fibre & fats. This meal ticks all these boxes.

I only have 10 places for the 12 Week Challenge. If you are interested in making a change and being accountable for 12 Weeks then send your request to

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