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Looking for a Group Fitness Class or Personal Trainer can be daunting. 

  • Will I be fit enough for them? 

  • I don’t want a gym, but want to get fit.

  • Will I fit in? 

  • I have tried it before, will it work this time? 

  • Will the trainer be really hard on me? 

  • Will they make me run? I hate running? 

  • Will I have time to train?

  • I always stop going to the gym as I don’t have any motivation.

This is where most of us start. This is where I started. This is why I started Tone It Up Personal Fitness.

Everyone comes to class or PT for their own goals. Some people maybe fitter & some not.. But you’re here because you want to make a change for you. I cater classes for all fitness. If you like to run, great, if you don’t also great. There are always alternatives that suit you.

We train outdoors & undercover when it rains so no closed in gym walls - just fresh air!. Each training session is different to keep your motivation up.. and when you PT with me we have a 4-6 week training plan so we can focus on your goals. 

Will you fit in? Well if you are looking at this page, I would say you would! Our community are Mum’s & Dad’s looking for a place to work out, make new friends, challenge themselves to get fitter & stronger. I always like to suggest a trial session if you are unsure ;) but I am pretty sure you will love us!

We have Group Fitness ( Monday,Tuesday,Thursday Saturday & Sunday) & and Small Group PT ( you and up to 3 of your friends). Junior Bootcamp also caters for the 8-16 year olds.

I keep you accountable by checking in with you if I haven’t seen you and you are automatically part of our Private Facebook Page - nothing like a bit of banter and of course important class updates! 

Do I push you? I do, only because I can see you are capable. I do believe stepping outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Nothing was ever gained from doing the same old thing… and that just sounds boring! I do however understand injuries and we all move differently.

Read what a few of our members have said: 

"Best bootcamp and training sessions I’ve done by far! Fiona not only runs an awesome class, but her manner and care (especially has I have previous injuries) is second to none! Nice friendly groups and training modified for any fitness levels! And ITS FUN!!!" - Kylie

"Hello peeps ,  I joined Tone it up in June of last year to help myself get fitter and stronger. Fiona has been such a great Mentor for me, helped my focus and taught me how to train . I have lost weight and feel great , toned and ready to say yes to what ever is asked of me . Instead of old me looking for excuses to “do it later” !!! At class its great to feel the energy from the other peeps and the gentle push I get from watching the others inspires me . Calling Fiona and getting started at “Tone it up” is something i should of done earlier"  Colm 

"Fun, friendly and fabulous! Motivated and dedicated; Fiona has an abundance of fitness knowledge and experience behind her. Great variety of workouts from week to week" - Kate

Who is your trainer? 

Fiona Tanner - exercise lover, all round helper, fun & serious...

TONE IT UP BOOTCAMP was born over a Thai dinner with Matt & my beautiful friend Kate. We wanted a Bootcamp to attend that was close to home and be able to get there several times a week - and well a week later we had our first class, and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was about 40 degrees at 6pm, but I had about 15 people and I think they all just about passed out, but with a smile on their dial!

Tone It Up has been around since 2000, when I trained from my home studio in Sydney. I also spent my time as a PT working for  Fernwood Women's Fitness for several years before heading to the UK where I lived for 10 years.

Aerobics Oz Style was my saviour as a teenager, so was running - believe it or not I loved cardio back then. I went on to discover weights through pump class - and that's when I wanted to learn more about PT and Resistance Training.

Since 2000 I have completed several courses & continue to study and learn as much as I can regarding movement, strength and nutrition.

My passion is helping others – and it just happens to be with Health & Fitness. For me exercise has helped me through some rough times including a divorce in my mid 20’s. It’s my ‘go to’ to get to my happy place. Challenging & pushing my body is where I find my strength. Having a strong and healthy body keeps my mental health in check.

In 2019 I competed in my first Fitness Model Competition with ICN Victoria. I entered 4 categories and placed 4th Ms Sports Model +40. It was an intense year of training and life. I learnt a lot about myself and those that were around me. It was a year I had to be selfish and put my goals first – I had wanted to compete for years and now I had my chance. Not sure there will be a next time for competing, but there is always a next time to achieve some goals.

I will always support and guide my clients with a healthy dose of a reality check. I believe having a strong, like minded supportive group around you will help you achieve your goals – and that’s the team at Tone It Up Bootcamp.

My goal is to help as many people I can in achieving their health & fitness goals & to build a bigger community of orange Kettlebells – if you are reading this and you want to train with us, fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch.

Fe xo

Personal Trainer Course - 2 different companies

Spartan SGX Training -

Mum's & Bub's Strollercise


Physiology of Nutrition

NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) - Coaching

Training the Physique Athlete

Science of Nutrition

Kettlebell Training Level 1

Program Mastery
Performance Nutrition Level 1 & 2

NASM Youth Exercise 

.... and a load more!

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