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FU 24hr 50km Challenge

Well I am only hoping this blog does what we just achieved justice.

I don't mind a Challenge, I think it's good for my soul, it helps me step outside my comfort zone, tests my strength (mental & physical), test my reliance & determination and really embraces TEAM WORK which incorporates: support, motivation, putting others needs before yours, friendship, vulnerability... You get the picture.

To be honest I had been dreading the 24hr Challenge. The reason, I just wanted a weekend off. I had just returned from 3 weeks away and I had so much work to do... basically a shit excuse. I had just finished reading Ant Middleton's "Zero Negativity" and I called on his words of advice. Choice to think negative or not.

So switch it around. It was a great way to spend hanging with my friends, exercise, raise money and awareness for a charity (Backpack4kids) & start the year with a bang. It will be fun! A few years back I participated int eh Oxfam 48hr 100km walk, and I have done a few Spartan Races so I know what it's like to push the body and the mind. Lately I haven't been strong in the mind so it was about time to push it! Friday was last minute gear check & food pack: snacks that a re light on the stomach, hydration tablets for drink, banana's, peanut butter, lollies... hydration pack, bandaids, head torch, change of clothes, pillow, warm clothes, cool clothes, hat, sunscreen (forgot that!) ... What should have been an early night wasn't as our dog had just had an operation so I slept on the couch to be near him, so starting a 24hour Challenge on 5 hours sleep - not ideal.. but the adrenalin was about to kick in.

Saturday 9am - gear check, caffeine hit and get ready for our 10am start.The temperature at this point was I believe heading to the 30 degree mark. It was going to be hot , but the 2pm was F'ing HOT!.

Round 1 10am was a blast - the course was so well designed and marked by Maryanne, Shaun & Andrew there was no getting lost - until 2am! Thanks guys for the course. As we returned in over an hour we were excited and pumped... we had 2.5 hours to rest & recharge before heading out at 2pm. Quick bite to eat, do some work and then pack and ready to head out again.

Round 2 2pm We knew this would be the hardest lap due to heat, pushing mid 30's not much shade, heat exhaustion as going to hit. If there is one thing I know, when you start realising you are thirsty, you should have been drinking ages ago. The key is to take small sips every few minutes - if our skin is hot then cool it down. Kylie had these frozen face washers (which we should have taken on course!) but also a cooling towel she had on the course. Its the same with food small nibbles along the way. You'd be surprised at how much your loose your appetite but know you have to eat. At the end of the course Shaun has set up a makeshift shower - I'm not a fan of cold water - just ask Mez & Kylie, but for the rest of the team the cold shower was the BOMB! So thank you Shaun.

Round 3 6pm. A little cooler but not much! The clouds blocked the sun and oh my god it was "delightful" with a cool breeze. We had Coco join us this round :) After this round we all headed home for a shower and a change of clothes and some food. Back again and ready to hit the track at 10pm, head torches on! This lap we were also privy to kangaroo's mating! Round 4 10pm - I was looking forward to the night walk with the torch a) the sun was gone and we were cooler and b) adds another dimension to the course. There is more wildlife around ie kangaroos, bunnies & wombats!- they are more scary at 2am! Matt, Andy & Liz joined us on this round to see what it was all about. The harder part is remembering to drink again, with the sun gone you don't feel like you should drink, but this is when it's just as important. A little longer in the dark... but it was a nice 'stroll'!

Round 5 2am After a1.5 - 2 hour nap we headed back out. I just felt hungover - without the drink! I was groggy and felt crap. It was at this point I decided not to take Bootcamp at 9am - I knew I would be pretty much not with it! A km into the walk and I felt all good, there were a few aches and pains starting to set in including blisters... but we were still in good spirits :) A wombat decided to come out of the grass (which in the dark looked about 6ft high, reality it was knee high) and scare the sh!t out of us.

At this point I was craving all sorts of food - like I wanted a bacon & egg McMuffin for the 6am walk.. Back for another nap and then up at 5.40am for our final lap! Round 6 6am.... We f'ing made it! Up again (no McMuffin) and off we went! Coco joined us again for the last lap. This was a bit bitter sweet - I didn't want it to end. We got to watch the sun rise over the Gorge and take in the last 24 hours.... What an achievement.... Even with our aches and pains and hunger and tiredness I am sure we all would say the same - it was amazing.

I didn't think about the scale of what we achieved until later on Sunday when I was thinking about it. 24 hours, 50km, hardly any sleep, possibly slightly dehydrated and then you come home and continue on with "life". Granted I did get some extra zzz's in, but there is still the cleaning up to do, washing, looking after a sick dog, getting food ready for family and yourself .... So to those reading this that participated in the challenge - You F'ing Rock , to those reading this and who have thought about doing something outside their comfort zone - DO IT! What have you got to loose? For those who are partners to those participating - support your partner: send them a message, tell them well done, ask about their experience & how they are..... Its the support and motivation that helps :) If you follow my page @toneitupbootcamp on FB I will be sharing an album of photos and I have 'lives' that I filmed during each round. Again thank you to Maryanne & Ashlee for doing the ground work on the course, Shaun & Andrew for your support and guidance, Lauren for being part of the team, Kylie and Merrin for being the best 2 friends a girl could have!

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1 Comment

Just wow really explained the day perfectly.

The support, encouragement from

others, helped me get to the finish line that's for sure.

An amazing group of people to complete this challenge with.

I've really learnt so much about me mentally and physically.

I conquered something I never thought I would attempt to complete and with my special peeps by my side 24/7 to get me

through this.

" Anything is possible when you Have the right people there to support you"

After some rest and time to reflect on what we have achieved. I'm totally proud and blown away.

I did say I would never do this again, but to be honest if I have my besties by my…

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