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Dieting: Part 2


How will you know you have achieved what you wanted if you don't have a goal?

How will you get to your goal?

What does the new you look like?

What may get in your way?

Do you have the belief you can do it?

Are you READY?

Is this goal actually realistic?

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself about your want to change.

You really need to be clear on your end goal.

- "To loose weight"

  • Is this 1 kg or 10kg?

  • By when? Us this a one off or a lifestyle change? .. remember quick fixes don't work.

  • How will you loose this weight? - Macros, exercise, trainer, gym??

  • How will I look when I loose this weight? - Visualise this & use pictures

  • What obstacles can get in my way and HOW will I overcome them? (Dinners out, events, getting sick...)

  • Have you tried this before? Do you know you know you can do this? What will you do different this time

  • Are you ready to start NOW?

  • Can you achieve this goal in this timeframe? What is a realistic & healthy way?

Need help with your 2023 goals? I have availability for Consultations where e can go through this process & more to help your goals become a reality.


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