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Are you doing these things to loose weight?

You can have the perfect nutritional plan and training plan, but have you thought about these to help loose weight & achieve your goals?

1. Sleep & Recovery

Did you know sleep and rest/recovery are just as important to achieving your goals as is training & food? .. Sleep. How many hours do you get a night? And dare I ask if it's "good" sleep?

According to a study ideally 7 hours of sleep is optimal for general health. Yep 7 hours. Some people can do a little less and others can do more. I personally like around 7 hours and any less I am not at my best!

What can yo undo to improve your sleep?

- Get moving during the day... ideally min 7,000 - 10,000 steps a day

- Sunlight. Sun exposure improves quality of sleep, state of sleep & sleep patterns , and as we know a little sunshine makes us smile!

2. Stress Reduction

If you are struggling to loose weight, look around you and 'inside' and assess your stressors: family, career, children , health issues.... High stress levels are the primary reasons of lack of fat loss. If you need 'help' to cope with life it's worth investing in a Counsellor to help. You'd be surprised how much having a professional to help you navigate life can help. Sometimes journalling can help - just getting it out of your head and onto paper, maybe even remove yourself from a stressful environment - go for a walk, listen to music. One thing I have taken on board this year is not to take on others 'problems', as a Coach I hear a lot in my day, I get a lot of different moods and personalities and although it can still affect me, I have to sometimes say to myself... 'Not my issue'.. It may sound harsh, but I have to protect my self too.

3. Mindset

You have started your fitness journey because you wanted to change something. Whether that be how you look, your health, your strength.. whatever that 'outcome goal' is.

In order to get that goal, you will have to change what you are used to doing. So that may be training (start or increase session or even change the type of training). Nutrition, reduce calories or increase, swap our some not so great food choices for others, prioritise time for training and meal prep ( you may need to get up earlier, prioritise sleep.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - Einstein

We can adapt the following:

- Consistently train

- Prepare & plan meals

- Prioritise sleep

- Let bad days of eating or training go & don't hold onto them

- Get back on track

The more you do the above they will become habits & these are what is needed to achieve your goals.

You have to change who you are & become the person you want to be.


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