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Are you being MINDFUL or MINDLESS?

Are you being MINDFUL or MINDLESS when you eat? It makes a difference to weight loss too… How you ask?

But hang on what is MINDFUL eating? It’s being aware of the way you, when you are eating and what you are eating as opposed to just eating whatever, whenever and however ie MINDLESS eating! ie Binge eating, feeling of guilt, dieting.

Mindful eating is being present when you eat, slowly chew your food, put your cutlery down when chewing, don’t have distractions, listen to how you feel when you are eating and even tracking your food along with how you feel and your environment.

Mindless eating is basically eating without paying any attention to what you eat, when you eat and also how much (insert we need to burn more than we consume to loose weight) snacking when youre not really hungry.. you get my drift? Eating foods that soothe the soul ie are you emotional eating?

So how can we eat more MINDFULLY?

The following mindful eating techniques have been put together by Eating Disorders Victoria:

  1. Eating small or moderate amounts of food every 2-3 hours.

  2. Before eating, ask a few basic questions such as: Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? If so, what type of food/drink do I want? What type of food/drink will my body benefit from the most?

  3. Set a nice place to eat and arrange food nicely on the plate. Do not eat standing or walking.

  4. Being in the present (take 3 deep breaths) before beginning to eat.

  5. Eat slowly, paying attention to the smell, taste, sound, texture and look of the food.

  6. Put utensils or food down between mouthfuls.

  7. Every few minutes check in with the body’s hunger signals.

  8. Stop eating just before feeling full and wait 10-20 minutes before eating more food if hunger is still present.

  9. Enjoy the whole meal. If individuals don’t enjoy eating, they will never be satisfied.

Next time you go to eat, mentally run through this checklist..

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