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How to improve your chin up.

Keep practicing.... You only get better at a move if you keep doing it!

We aren't born great at things, we can have genetics on our side to help things, but generally speaking we have to keep practicing.

Let's look at a baby learning to walk. They dont just pop out the womb and walk... there is a process: crawling or a butt drag, get up and down (fall!), balance, one step... then 2... 3 steps... The main move is broken down then it all comes together..

So let's take a chin up... Not the easiest move for most - it requires the bolo- without getting too technical:

- Upper body strength (arms, back, grip)

- Core strength

- Upper body joint mobility & stability

- Motivation ;)

That's a lot for one move! BUT it also requires weeks of practice and persistence.

As a trainer we help you break down a move. So for instance, a chin up we can practice:

- Inverted body row

- Core strength (hollow hold, plank)

- Arm strength

- Increasing mobility through shoulder shoulder joint

- Why do you want to do a chin up? Strength, confidence.....?

Like any move - nailing the basics is key to get the best range and strength in a move.

As we get closer to entering the new year, we look at what you want to achieve. I design Personal Training programs around a 3 month timeframe.

In 2023 Bootcamps will be more focused around 3 month programs so we can assess progress.

For those looking to be more focused next year I have attached a Worksheet to break down some goals in different areas of your life.

Alternately I'd love to workshop with you privately you can book a 1hour sesion with me: (

Download PDF • 491KB

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