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Nutrition has a HUGE role to play in losing weight & changing body composition. In fact if you follow a calorie deficit plan , you are a guaranteed results- even without adding in training. But the key is adherence, 100% adherence.

Your body runs on a certain amount of calories – If you want to keep a certain weight we call these ‘maintenance calories’, if you want to put on some size, we need to build so we put you in a calorie ‘surplus’ (you can’t gain muscle without adding in some extra calories!) if you want to lose weight (ideally we want to lose body fat not muscle) we put you in a calorie ‘deficit’.

BUT how do you know how many calories you should be consuming? You leave that up to me.

I just need a few details from you – but I will get those shortly.

What’s included in your Calorie & Macro Plan:

  • Total Calories & Macro (protein, fats, carbs) Goal suit for you

  • What are MACRO’s?

  • Food Suggestions for each Macro

  • An indepth guide on Nutrition and what you need to know

  • How to take measurements & record your stats.

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