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One thing I have never liked hearing... "You train too much" I was thinking this as I sweated my little butt off on the stepper today.

I am currently up in Sydney visiting my Dad who is unfortunately not well and needed to get out, for no reason but to fill my cup. I didn't feel like studying or watching TV or even taking Elsa for a walk ( I know shock horror)! What I needed was to just sweat a little and lift some weights and change my environment (one thing that is completely overlooked when struggling), so I took myself off to the local Anytime.

As I was stepping away, and you cant get too distracted on a stepper because as soon as you miss step BOOM you're on your butt! I was thinking about training. I have had a little break of late from weights as I was just not in the mood so I started an 8 Week Air Bike Program which is suiting me perfectly.. anyway back to what I was thinking about training .... if I was this distracted on the stepper I would have fallen off!

So training, yes it has its benefits: cardiovascular fitness, body composition, strength, hypertrophy etc, but the one thing that it is helping me with at the moment is my mental health. My capacity to 'deal' with life.. whether it be overwhelm where I can't actually focus on getting anything done, it helps with when I am super tired to just 'calm me', to tune out of what is going on around me and just steady my little monkey mind.

Training HARD isn't necessary for every session because we do have to make note of overtraining and fatigue, so some days let the body just enjoy training at a lighter intensity.

One more thing I'll touch on which I mentioned about was changing your environment. At home I have THE BEST home gym - I have everything I could possibly want at my doorstep (well I would love a leg press!) but you get what I mean. For a home gym I couldn't as for anymore. Yet sometimes I do NOT want to step foot in my gym as it's also my place of work, I dont want to be 'home' as it's where I spend most of my time. My the end of the week I am feeling so claustrophobic and overwhelmed with being at home that I get cabin fever and need to escape. So changing my environment is the ONLY option I have sometimes. A walk outside sometimes helps but usually I need something more.. So in fact being in Sydney has re - inspired me, but then so does a camping trip. So if you can change your environment... even just for a day! Do it...

So enjoy your training whatever it is, and remember not every session has to be 110% , you can do 50%.

Train for the right reasons or that you WANT to train not you should or have too, because that's when you will start to loath training....

A few helpful resources from our page:

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So back to enjoying the sunshine in Sydney!

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