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You're beginning to bore me.

I'm beginning to bore myself.

Hamster wheel - that's what life can be like sometimes. Groundhog day.

Get Up

Go to work

Come home

*Start second job (prepare, pack & unpack)

Do house duties

Eat dinner

Go to bed


Do that most days of the week and hell yeah it's boring.... but it's not easy to get off the wheel when you feel stuck.

I will be first to say I am a 'doer" I get sh!t done. I do the job today rather than wait until tomorrow & think I SHOUDL HAVE done that yesterday.

I like to be prepared and on time - especially for my business.

I like to make sure everyone has clean clothes & food.

Sometimes that wheel is boring as Sh!t, but sometimes that Sh!t has to get done & maybe some can wait until tomorrow. I'll try that out.

When I first started getting counselling, I'll be the first to say I need some help going through my thoughts & still go. I will always take on board the feedback that is given to me and the ideas I should try & implement.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Today marks the day I commit fully to just one job - my business & I am so fricking excited. That list above will reduce, only by one role however I know the impact will be MASSIVE.

Here's to me changing things up to stop being so boring & letting sh!t go, making my life fun & exciting and loving each day!

We are all 'programmed' differently. How I see the world is different to how you see the world. How you see the world is different to how is see the world. It's the understanding of this concept that makes us patent and understanding.



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You are so much FUN and now you can focus on one job even more FUN

Me gusta
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