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You do you...

Do you go into the New Year with 'New Years Resolutions'? I'm not just talking about the I want to loose weight or get abs or get fit, but more around the type of person you want to show up as or be 'seen' as?

I'm going to go with who I want to be in 2024. How people see me or perceive me is really about them and how they are. We see the world through our own 'glasses'. These 'glasses' have been built over the years through ; Beliefs, Values, Decisions, and Memories (there is in fact a nifty term called the NLP Comms Model ie Neuro Linguistic Programming) This is something I studied for a few years and just have it locked away for when I need it. Anywho, just know that people will vie you based on their perception of the world, which is only true to THEM (ALTHOUGH SOME PEOPLE THINK their opinion and views are the ONLY views- well true if they are factual)

So as I was saying WHO AM I? Some days I don't think I am being my true self. I am a people pleaser through and through. I will YES just to please and say SORRY just to get past an argument, I will check on people and go above and beyond to ensure the waters are calm and prevent blow ups . This can definitely work sometimes, but other times it's a complete disconnect from my core. Like two magnets that don't join. I will shut down if you are unkind and decide to call names and attack me verbally (and physically). *Side note people say hurtful things to us as it makes them feel strong, powerful & in control and in fact it's about them as a person not us. It shows their true weakness


I am reading this book at the moment called "Not Nice".. and it's not about being NOT NICE it's about being true to yourself. Nice is a word that we use a a blanket term. They will listen to you, say complementary things, agree with you, don't ruffle feathers and really not have a bad thing about them . So being NOT NICE is about: saying what you think & feel, voice your opinion, disagree if you want, be factual and truthful, stand your ground, and accepting, however in the delivery of this , be KIND. Our words shouldn't be harsh, nor should we put people down and call names.

So WHO AM I? I am kind, independent, truthful, fierce, strong woman with a desire to help others (without pleasing!) a huge passion to learn and share knowledge. I am also an introvert who loves my own time and NEED this daily whether it be a walk or just to sit and read or to cook or potter. I love my own space and time, but don't take this to heart and think I don't want to be around people, I do - it's my job, but to give I need. to fill my cup. I dont always reach out to friends to say 'hey let's do this, for a s much as I love doing things, I just don't do that but I will join you if I want, and if I dont want too, then thats ok too.

As I started to write this blog, I had other intentions for the outcome, but what I really am trying to say "You do You" & be KIND. Life is better when we are happy and true, if something doesn't agree with you, if your instant gut reaction is 'NO' then go with that, if you're not sure on a situation, just say "hey I'll get back to you on that" & if it's a "Hell Yes" then go with that!

Decide who you are , what your values and beliefs are, set your boundaries and stand tall. Be like Elsa and be the driver of your own life.. Fe XO

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