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Why do you find Fitness a chore?

Probably because you are doing something you don't like. Your mindset or your framing around exercise needs a little adjustment.

One of the main reasons people quit gym or their fitness is regime is because they are bored and don't till their program or because they are not seeing results.

A program can be boring if it's not aimed at your goals & if it doesn't incorporate something you ENJOY (yes, fitness can be enjoyable)

Results don't happen if you re not consistent (this can be eating 5 days and then splurging 2 or training once a week and doing nothing for the other 6 days)

Fitness can be ENJOYABLE and LASTING, IF you have the right program, friends and of course your goals in mind (and not the I want to wear a bikini in 6 weeks, something with a bit more oomph)

It's around this time of year, when we know Spring is just around the corner then Summer will be here & we start thinking "I need to loose my winter coat and the Covid Coat!.."

There is truth to the "Summer bodies are made in the Winter" because really that's the consistency part we nail. 12 months of training versus 6 weeks of dreaded "dieting" phases.

Attending regular classes (let's say the 4 Bootcamps I run) or even booking in for PT, whether that be once - 5 times a week. If it's once then also workout on your own at home or a gym - with a program supplied for you!... This can also all be supplied online!

I love following a program. I know exactly what I have to achieve in a week. If my planned Monday sessions doesnthappen then I shift it along in the week that suits me. My end goal is to achieve 5 workouts a week & average 10,000 steps a day. I plan my week over 7 days, so if one day is low then I have the rest of the week to make up for it, or if I start the week strong and nail the training, there is more time at the end of the week to enjoy other things!

Fitness shouldn't be a drain, so if you need a switch up and want a plan to get you to Summer, then contact me now.

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