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Why are you so scared?

The words bootcamp, exercise class, group fitness, personal training, weights, cardio, fitness, sweat, EMOM, AMRAP.....can scare some people.

Is it may you don't know what to expect?

Is it a past experience of a horrible session that still haunts you?

You 'think' that everyone that goes to these sessions are super fit and know what they are doing compared to you?

I remember the first time I walked into a gym. What were these strange looking machines, all these 'fit' people walking around looking like they knew what they were doing, the lingo of 'sets, reps, weights' luckily I teamed up with a trainer and joined group sessions and found out all the 'scary' shit wasn't that scary - it was just all foreign to me- an unknown world. The amount of people that enquire about classes versus the ones that actually show up for their first session is quite extraordinary. It's like they've thought - yep, ok I need to do something. They don't like what they see in the mirror, they don't like their clothes not fitting like they used too, or they hate feeling unfit. But what stops them from joining up?


Fear of the unknown. I had someone once say they will join once they are fitter.... to me that was strange as you are joining the class so you get fit.... But there had to be something else.

Scared of not being the fit one, or what to expect, of hard work and stepping out of your comfort zone, pain and discomfort, injuries...

What's my point?

I've never been one to pressure you into signing up or do something you potentially will injure yourself and if you really don't like something I will change it for you.

We are not a scary bunch here, in fact we are all pretty awesome and there's so many different levels of fitness. All I want from my team is to MOVE & HAVE FUN!

You don't need to do as many reps as the person next to you, I want you to do what you can and if I know you have a little more fuel in the tank I will give you a nudge & I am there to support & encourage you every step of the way.

The more you continue to train with us, the more I get to know you and your capabilities- the more I can help you achieve your goals.

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