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Where did the holidays go?!

Welcome back to Reality & Routine!

I do love holidays and the freedom, but I also love structure and routine and here we are already in February!

First things first.. Junior Bootcamp is back and we had a great turn out for day 1. This Term each session is based around:

  1. CATCH UP -  This is a great opportunity for the Juniors to discuss how their week has been & what is on their mind.

  2. FOOD - each week will be discussing ‘food’ this week it was what everyone has for breakfast and how many pieces a fruit a day - I suggested we aim for two pieces a day, so if your Junior has asked for fruit - that’s from me!

  3. BOOTCAMP /Exercises - that’s why we are here right?

  4. GAMES/ FUN - kids loves games and having fun, we can’t be serious all the time, but of course there is an element of learning tucked in there ;)

Secondly, our Thursday night BOOTCAMP is being held at Laurimar Community Centre (110 Hazel Glen Rd) so we have an indoor /outdoor area now complete with air con and toilets! This session is boxing and Bootcamp so if you like boxing come along and if not then you just join the Bootcamp section..

Thirdly, It’s nearly Valentines Day and what better way to spend your morning but with the BOOTCAMP on Sunday 18th 9am and then breakfast at Jo Jays with the Team @ 10.30am

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for all updates during the week.

oh, one last thing! If you do join us for PT or Bootcamp, please take 2mins to complete the below surveys.

These can be anonymous or add your name.

At the end I ask for a Testimonial - and I appreciate not all like these or some of you had done these, so thank you. If you'd do a video testimonial then let me know and we can meet up to film.

Any questions, just drop me an email at

Coach Fe


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