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What's In my Pill Box?

The other week on IG I shared my new PillBox, no I know I am not 80 yet... but I do like a little organisation and a reminder to take my supplements.

As some of you may know I am completing my Certificate in Nutrition (very scientific ;) ) which means I will be able to write meals plans. That may not seem much to some, but as a PT it's another notch in my belt or feather in my bow that I will be able to help you with. Because well my WHY is to help you feel good like I do when I eat well and train. Being healthy on the inside is just as important as pushing out those extra reps or running that extra 1km as food is our fuel, and like a car the better the quality of fuel and the right amount will make the car perform optimally.

A feel the car analogy has been used by others, but it makes a fair point that you can possibly relate too. If you continue to put cheap quality fuel or oil in the car (or petrol in a diesel) then you cannot expect it to run to his highest potential or if not at all.

So fuelling our bodies with nutritious, variety of wholesome produce is key to our bodies performing optimally.

Supplelemts are well , just that. To supplement your diet. They're not a replacement to a meal or a vegetable. It's to supplement your current diet.

After studying my latest Chapter on Supplements , I did a little investigation of my missing vitamins and minerals:

- Fish Oil

- Chromium

- Acetyl L Carnitine

- Berberine

- Digestive

- Probiotic

- L Glutamine

- Magnesium at Night for a nice restful sleep

One of the ones I have taken for the longest is MAGNESIUM:

What is it: An essential mineral, the second most abundant electrolyte in the body and also the most common mineral deficiency...

Where is it found: Dark green leafy vegetables, Avocados, Nuts & Banana

What does it do: Enhance exercise performance & exercise recovery and may reduce muscle cramps. Using magnesium may also improve symptoms of stress and anxiety as magnesium is thought to act on the hypothalamus in the brain.

Are there different qualities: Yep! When choosing your magnesium you want to check the label to see if it is a quality compound (such as magnesium citrate, chloride or glycinate these are absorbed better through the gut), whereas a cheaper and poorer quality compound is magnesium-oxide is not as well absorbed and is found in a MULTIVITAMIN

So next time you grab some magnesium double check you'll hit the dosage and that you also have the good quality!


Males 19-30yrs: 400mg

Males >31yrs: 420mg

Females 19-30yrs: 310mg

Females >31yrs: 320mg.

Side Note: Always check wit your DR if you are unsure about adding supplements. Calcium and magnesium reduce the absorption of each other (e.g. calcium reduces the absorption of magnesium, and magnesium reduces the absorption of calcium).

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