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Train with your friend!

Train with your friend and get fit together... oh and have a few laughs!

One thing I wanted to build when I started Tone It Up was a community or let's say a group of friends that love to train together and maybe also hang out! I had a vision to create friendships and build bonds. I have achieved this , however I want to spread the word more!

Back in 2013 I moved from London to Melbourne to manage a local gym. I didn't have any close friends in Melbourne..just some acquaintances. However, through the gym I built so many friendships and of course my partner in crime - Matt.

My passion is health & fitness. I love sharing knowledge, learning, meeting new people and spreading the word that health & fitness can be fun & rewarding.

So in light of all that, my goal in 2022 was to have a home gym where I can teach and share my passion to all - so I have the gym and now I want to share it with more.

So here's my offer(s)..

Option A

Sign a friend up for a 10 Pack Bootcamp - you will receive a 60min PT session with me

Sign a friend up for a 5 pack Bootcamp - you will receive a 30min PT session with me

Option B

Join my Upper and OR Lower Body Workshops and sign up to a Personal Training Package - receive 5% off PT Packages.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Reply to this email and send what off you are taking advantage of option A or B

A - Bootcamps/PT - add your friends details (name and email) so I can book them in for Bootcamp & send them all the details they need to know!

B - Workshop & PT - Book in for your workshop via Powerdiary & email me your required PT Sessions

* All participants received a FREE E Book on each lift & a gift

Monday 27th June

Friday 1st July

Monday 5th July

It's that simple.

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