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Take each moment

My plans this holidays was to run at least every second day.. every day would be great but I also knew a little unrealistic. Better to make a goal achievable than within the first few days 'not achiveable' or aka fail. When we fail it's common we don't keep going.

So my realistic goal was to run in the morning at least every second day. So far so good.

Today as I write this my outlook is very gloomy. Ie the weather! This time yesterday it as about 20degrees and HOT! Today about 5 degrees, pouring raining and thunder. Will I be running today? Highly doubt it. Am I ok with this? Yep as yesterday we did so much walking and movement - I consciously swapped my run for a morning walk with Matt and the kids.

My point? Don't put of what you can do today to tomorrow. If you have 30 mins to do something - then do it. If you have 10 mins do something. Make the time count.

Enjoy your day!

aka ... get moving

Bootcamps re commence on the 18th January - so book in!

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