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Struggle to plan meals?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail....

I have found the KEY to successful weight loss is planning.

  • Plan your training

  • Plan your down time/ sleep patterns

  • Plan your meals

It's that easy! But also that hard!

With weight loss, it's a given consume less energy than you burn and will loose weight. So why is it so hard for some?

Firstly there would be inaccurate recording of intake. If you don't track what you eat how would you know how many calories you consume? A bite hear of something, a drink of that.... they add up and before too long you have consumed way more than you intended.

With Nutrition Coaching I work out your calories (Proteins, Fats & Carbs) we set them up in My Fitnesspal & link to our app so I can check in with you.

Now there is a catch. CONSISTENCY & ACCURACY! That's on you. That a bit harsh? Kinda, but it's the reality of weight loss. One day of eating salads won't cause a long term affect of weight loss. This is a commitment.

I follow the approach of "EAT A BALANCE DIET" by diet I refer to "what you eat" not a DIET exactly. To me a diet has a connotation of: restriction, boring, tasteless, lack of variety.... If you want the donut eat the donut, if you want the chicken salad have the chicken salad. I would

just encourage a good balance of wholesome nutritious foods and some 'feel good' foods. At the moment I love white chocolate and. have had some squares every day....mmmmm so good!

Now I do digress... this was meant to be about planning and letting you know about the super helpful, tasty and amazing recipes I have available on my website!

- High Protein

- Low Carb

- 5 Ingredient

- Christmas Recipe Pack

- January Recipe Pack

- February Recipe Pack

- March Recipe Pack

- Smoothie Recipe Pack

These recipes also give the the MyfitnessPal barcode and the macro break down!.... very helpful

These are all available via my shop

If you are interested in just Nutrition Coaching:

Nutrition Coaching $20 per week (DD)

  • Online Nutrition Coaching through Trainerise

  • Weekly Checkins

  • Free Recipe E Books

  • Calorie & Macro Guide - all you need to know

If you have any questions - feel free to contact me!


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