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A good friend of mine "hinted" I should do a PODCAST to share my knowledge and reach more people.. It's funny because I thought about it so many times as I always listen to podcasts on my walks.

However, the fear factor kicked in. Who would listen to me? What would I talk about? Do I know enough? I am not as good as all those other podcasters..... That was at 9am, but by 7pm the same day I had downloaded the app, made my "site" all pretty and uploaded my first podcast. You can hear Matt drilling in the background (same as Podcast 2) but, hey I got the first one out. The all day today I was thinking about my next one. My first episode was recorded and uploaded on first attempt. My second was took about 5 attempts, because I wasn't being 'me'. I wasn't talking about what I wanted to share , but about what I 'thought' people wanted.

So here's to me being authentic and rambling about stuff I think is useful with some interesting back ground noise!

Thank You to Maryanne for the nudge and check out her PODCAST HERE - Kids Mindfulness Meditations. A podcast for kids.

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