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During October I am taking part in two “Challenges” for mental Health with my group of Bootcampers. I personally have found the further we go through Lockdowns the worst I feel and have suffered in my own way. The one thing that has always helped me is exercise, even when I could not be bothered. Whether it be my own training or just showing up on zoom to train my team - I do walk away feeling better.

1. Burpee Bounce Back Challenge -

Living in a home with two young boys, I have seen the impact that COVID has on them. I remember as a kid of being free, catching up with friends, riding my bike, catching tadpoles in the local creek or just hanging out with friends - the past two years, kids have not been able to do this to the extent we could. I’d like to do my part to bring awareness and and raise money to help young kids recover from mental health issues. “Orygen helps young people recover from mental health challenges. In our clinical care, research and advocacy we work side-by-side with young people to reduce the impact mental ill-health has on them, their families and society. Right now, with the devastating impact COVID-19 is having on young people’s mental health, we’re working as hard and fast as we can to ensure young people can recover their mental health and head towards a brighter future” Every day, 1534 young Australians are diagnosed with a mental health condition that can present huge challenges for their wellbeing Donate or join my team here: 2. Top Blokes - Lift the Load Challenge The Lift the Load Challenge is asking you to walk in the shoes of those suffering from poor mental health, by symbolically and literally carrying that weight.Will you Lift the Load this October and raise vital funds for young men's mental health? 10kg is roughly a car tyre, a bag of dry pet food, or a case of drinks. Imagine carrying the weight of 10kg on your back while walking 50km. This is the Lift the Load Challenge. When you sign up and raise $100, you'll receive your 10kg weighted vest ready for the challenge, which will begin on 1st October. It's completely up to you whether you complete the 50km in one go, or pace it out across the month. It's up to you whether you run or walk. By Lifting the Load, you're helping Top Blokes Foundation continue the work of supporting more young men to improve their mental health and strengthen their connections with those around them. So join in, put on your vest and Lift the Load for Mental Health or join me for Burpees.


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