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Let’s book out your diary!

Firstly we have a few platforms for communications, so let me just share these with you.

We have a Messenger Chat Group, Facebook Group, PT Mate (our booking app) has a place too and of course old fashioned emails as well as my Facebook Page & website .. I mean do you still read your emails? I hope so! I know it seems a lot, but some prefer a few options :) Anyway I hope I always get to reach you some way or another!

Secondly, I have planned a few events and they are all over in our Facebook Group and Facebook Page. But for those without those, I will fill you in!

  • Sunday May 12th - Mother's Day Bootcamp Special

  • Sunday May 26th - Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

  • Saturday July X? - Christmas in July Dinner

  • Sunday 1st September - Fathers Day Bootcamp Special

We still have a few Charity events for the year & a Christmas Party.. So any ideas you have shoot them over!

These events are open to EVERYONE, from past to present, to friends and family, PT clients to Juniors.

My aim for 2024 as a Business/Personal was to impact as many people of all ages on the benefits of being healthy & fit. If I can help you make a change to be healthier & fitter then I am doing my job!

See you soon,


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