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Kill them with Kindness & Admit you’re Wrong

Sometimes I can finish a book and not remember a lot - I struggle to retain a lot of information as I get easily distracted or somethings just don’t interest me! Happy to admit this!

However after reading Zero Negativity by Ant Middleton I took two key things way with me.

Admitting weaknesses / fault

Killing them with kindness

Admitting weakness, fault, error… whatever you want to call it or label it. To admit these is a sign of Strength & Vulnerability - I think (my opinion!). Some people really cannot admit failure or error - their response to is blame on others and not see their part in anything. Their response may be ‘but you did this’ or ‘well you said this’ or ‘well you didn’t do this..’ No one is perfect. This goes across our everyday life. So next time someone brings to your attention something - sit & reflect rather than respond straight away & see if you can see their side.

Kill them with kindness. Probably my favourite one. Some people are just negative. Not a positive thing to say whether it be about life in general or a response to what you are saying… They might not have a positive or nice thing to say about your health & fitness or what you are doing… or they re just plain miserable. Or they talk horribly to you… then your response should be upbeat, kind, positive, funny and light hearted. Two wrongs do not make a right.

So my tips for the day. Be Kind even when the other person is not. Freely admit when you are wrong.


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