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JUNIOR BOOTCAMP TERM 4 ...Starts 3rd October


Welcome to Spring! My favourite time of the year, I can always smell Spring - the cherry blossoms make me think of being a kid and being outside.

Can you believe it’s nearly school holidays then we head into Term 4 for Junior Bootcamp.

The last three terms we have learnt about the Muscles, Bones & The Respiratory System. Term 3 we have also incorporated lots of soccer games at the end of our sessions, the Juniors seem to be loving it and working up a sweat and my aim was for them to get out of breath so we could talk about the Respiratory System!

Junior Bootcamp has been operating now for 2 years, and I love I have some many Junior’s coming back each Term and Year - so thank you for your support. I am hoping to have one BIG session in 2024 on Wednesday only from 4pm - 5pm, so a little longer in time.

Also, during the Summer I would like to take a session with everyone to Hilltop Park so we can really take advantage of the weather and the huge space as well as a Session during the school holidays.

I will of course email and text before this day so you can know in advance!

In regards to a Tone It Up update on the whole..

  1. Personal Training. I have some availability during the day for sessions if you are interested in starting or even

  2. Online Programming / Nutrition then please email

  3. Our Christmas Party Date Sunday 10th December 9am (lock it in)

  4. 2024 we will be launching a Kettlebell ONLY class where we start on the basics and each week we will progress in movements.

For now, Happy Father’s Day, and enjoy your Sunday Team!

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