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It’s been a while since you saw me in your inbox!

To be honest I have been slightly distracted and with a new addition to our family which has meant shuffling around priorities and finding time for new things.

So who is taking up my time? Her name is Elsa and she is a 2 year old rescue dog. We were only meant to Foster her, but by day two I was smitten and a #fosterfail. But it’s a good thing. We were looking for a new dog but just not sure what type of dog we wanted. Below is a picture of her - she’s adorable, loving, vivacious, sleepy, and full on!

My sleep was disturbed, from 1am I would get a nudge for a cuddle (from Elsa!) and I love my sleep so being disturbed every few hours was tiring for me. I also needed a nana nap in the afternoon to recharge for my afternoon work.

My exercise routine was now changed. My runs have been swapped out for walks and sniff every blade of grass. My indoor cycling was forgotten as she needed the attention.

My study time was completely neglected as I wanted to play with her.

…so basically let’s call it LIFE (dog, children, work, holidays etc) will 9/10 get in the way of our routine and fitness journey (exercise classes, PT, at /gym workouts/ walks).

Unless you can put everything on hold, there will always be a little bump in the road. It’s how we overcome those bumps and stay on track that’s the key.

How did I over come the bumps?

  • I allowed time for nap in the afternoon

  • I increased my steps goal - as I was walking Elsa twice daily & I would make play time a way to keep moving

  • Acknowledge that study could go on hold for a few weeks - then I would lock in the time to complete this

  • Reduce my indoor cycling time to 20 mins 6 times a week not 45min 3 times - this meant Elsa was only bored for 20 mins not 45

When life throws us a curve ball or a massive bump, ride it out and make changes where you can.

So if you find one or two weeks that (your routine) is not going right, that’s ok. Readjust and make time where you can for things you love and understand that is life!.atr

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