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On the weekend I was lucky enough to see one of the most knowledgeable, entertaining and truth bombing PT's (I think) in the Industry speak - James Smith.

One of the many pieces of advice/nuggets I took away was the option of ACTION V INACTION. In any given moment we have a choice to take action or not.

What can hold us back is FEAR .. for me I would say the fear of the unknown or the new or even the challenge that lays ahead.

Stepping outside the cute little box we call COMFORT ZONE to make change is HARD, we like EASY , we don't like hard.. But a lot can come form changing. We get stronger and fitter, an most of all CONFIDENCE.

Earlier this year I decided to leave a 'job' that paid me a wage every single week - I knew there was money coming in. After several weeks ..or maybe months I decided I wasn't living the life I wanted to live - I was only living it Partime doing PT & Bootcamps. I had to make a BIG decision to throw caution to the wind and just concentrate on my passion of 'Tone It Up' being my sole job.

Along the way I have been 'challenged' to make decisions that affect many aspects of my life, it's never easy but sometimes beautiful things come from CHANGE. I have a fantastic job and to go with that a wonderful life. It was challenging and HARD but the HARD became EASY! Just like our bodies when we train we adapt to change and the hard is now easy...

YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU MAKE A CHANGE... Step up and take the path you don't always take... let the adventure begin.

Pick up the phone and book your session with me.

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