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Is eating out your down fall?

I will use the term 'dieting' loosely in this blog. I in fact mean making healthier choices for your healthy lifestyle. the word 'diet' implies short term, restrictive, boring, and a pain in the ass! - Well they are the words I think of anyway ;)

So when changing to healthier lifestyle and eating out we can sometimes become overwhelmed either throw in the 'diet' towel or eat the most boring thing imaginable or dont eat as we are too scared to ruin our hardwork.

So I will share some simple steps I follow when eating out and I will use my breakfast yesterday as an example.

I chose a smoked salmon bagel which came with spinach and hollandaise sauce. On the side was a coffee.

  1. Order a small coffee. I used to alway have a medium flat white. I now order a small black coffee with milk on the side so I can add my own milk to taste.

  2. How I would change the meal.

  • Order the sauce on the side, you can then add what amount you need

  • Question how the spinach was cooked - oil. This is still ok as I needs fats, but the bagel was alos NOT buttered.

  • Only eat 1/2 of the bagel - I didn't need the top of it so put it aside (out of sight out of mind)

What else to do?

  1. View the menu before you go and see what you will eat. (you can have an entree as a main too!)

  2. Have water on the table to drink before you start eating and during

  3. Chew each mouthfull slowly/ put knives & fork down when chewing

  4. Have a side salad/ veges with meals (no dressing or on the side) to start with

  5. Order dressing/ sauces on side

  6. Ask how food is cooked and opt for grilling of meats

  7. Avoid foods coated in cheese - ask for no cheese or less cheese

  8. Choose seafood as your protein, and always have a protein source on your plate

  9. If you like a dessert then you can share with someone

These are just some simple tips to help you! "Dieting" isn't about staying home and eating chicken and broccoli it's about choosing a healthier lifestyle so we consume a balanced and nutritious foods that fuel us so our bodies run optimally and without disease & illness.

If you need more assistance then contact me ;)


Breakfast was Jojayz Cafe - Doreen

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