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If it was easy everyone would do it

Hello!I was having a conversation today with a client about the whole weight loss merry-go-round/ journey/ what ever you want to call it.

It's hard. I mean yes it's science. Move more than you eat i.e burn more energy than you consume. Eat less , move more.. But what is involved to drop body fat and "loose weight"?


I have written a few times " If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

- When will you exercise ? Is this resistance training ? Have you schedule at least 3 times a week if not 4 for change in body composition? Is what your'e doing enough?

- Are you doing cardio? When are you doing this? 3 ties a week 20-30mins? Is that enough?

- What are your calorie/ macro targets for the day? Have you planned your meals? Daily? Weekly?

- How many steps have you planned for the day? Min 7,000 - 8,000. Or have you planned a big walk one day so you can reach the planned amount for the week? 49,000 - 56,000

- Rest Days? Or Self Care days activities?


- Do you know your calories/macros for weight loss/ maintenance or to gain some size?

What are you macros splits and have you 'planned' your protein comsuntop so you hit that first?

- Fruit? 2 servings a day

- Vegetables 5-7 -per day

- A choice of high fibre foods to ensure you poop


No excuses your body needs water to function optimally. Ladies 2.1L, Men 2.6L. Water is a must, not juice or alcohol. Water. Grab a bottle and keep it with you all the time. One next to your bed, one in your car, one on your desk, one for the gym...

Giving things up

Yep, you'll have to decide what's important. Is that night of drinking more important than your goals. That one night can set you back 6 days. Learning to set boundaries when you're out to say 'no' to food / drink choices that don't sit with in your macros.

Why are you doing this?

This is probably one question you may not think is important. But why are you putting yourself through this? What is it you want? You really really want? And when you get there will that be enough? Is your goal realistic.. If weight loss we look around up to 500g a week.

This is not to deter you from starting your Health & Fitness Journey, but just a reality check that there will be the need for some habit changes, mindset shifts, setting boundaries, sacrifices and some really honesty and accountability.

The only reason I am writing this today is that its also a reminder to me about what I had to do personally to achieve my goals.

I have been there, I know the struggles of not wanting to track food every day (it does get easier) to plan my meals (can take up your weekend), get up an hour earlier just to get my workout in, to not have takeaway food whilst everyone else isa (take your own food) , go to bed earlier to ensure you are getting enough sleep/ recovery. Oh, and when someones doubts you, or tries to burst your bubble, tell them to mind their own business and stay in their lane. Trust me I had the haters too.

Enjoy the ride and I look forward to training you!

I feel like there might be a Part 2 to this..


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