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I will NEVER ask you to...

One ‘diet’ strategy I will never promote.

One strategy to loose weight I will never promote is a shake diet. I am not here to name names or shame any one that likes to embark on a 7 day detox, or to restart Or kick start (we are not a motorbike) their metabolism , 7 day (god for bid more) HANGRY!!! Cleanse.

Why you ask? Let me ask you these…

What does a detox/cleanse fad diet teach you?

Nothing... besides to teaching you how to be hungry and angry, get shit sleep, stop or reducing poop, did I mention moody?, lack of concentration, tired..

Do you know the require amount of calories YOU need?

I mean not a cookie cutter plan. A plan to maintain a healthy nutritional balance? It didn't teach you anything about nutrition did it?

When you jump on the scales and you see the number drop, do you know why?

Because I lost fat. No! you probably lost water, not fill-in up with dense foods

Can you sustain this really? Is 7 days doable - a lifetime?

Good Luck! May you never get angry

no... that's why you keep coming back to a 'diet' because you did learn how to eat nutritionally and a way in which you can loose weight and keep it off

Hows your sleep, recovery, mood, coping mechanisms, stress levels?

Sleep is disturbed, go to bed hungry, I am sore & tired, I am snappy and I can’t concentrate at work, the kids re shitting me - just bugger off. So not good is the answer to that one!

How many times have you tried your shake diet?

Several times, now I have a bad relationship with food, label it good and bad and I binge eat. I also over eat in calories. Your number of fat cells have increased (if body weight is regained to quickly), not the the size of the ones you had... You can decrease size of fats cells, but not the number

Do you know what macros are? Name them and some examples

I'll help you with this one. Macros are short for macronutrients they are Proteins which you need for muscle growth & maintenance, fills me up and are building blocks. They have 4 calories per gram.

Carbs are yum - they include things like, vegetables, fruits, grains, pasta, rice, bread potatoes and did you know are 4 calories per gram.

Fats are also yummy and make food taste delicious - butter, oils, nuts. These are also for good fo keeping hormonal balance. These guys are 9 calories per gram. For me (my age, weight, height, lean body mass I should be eating around 2,00 calories as my maintenance. For protein I like to get about 130g of protein. My Carbs and Fats are then split depending on training days I like more carbs

Do carbs make you fat?

Excess calories make you fat. Don’t forget carbs hold fluid… but no one macronutrient makes you fat.

Have you pooped?

Shake diets don’t have much (if any fibre) ….did you know The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for fiber is 25g per day for females and 38g per day for males.

But Fe you say have a protein shake!

I sure do suggest a protein shake to ensure you consume enough protein in your diet - in addition to eating whole foods (eggs, meat, fish, nuts…)

How do you restart your kick start your metabolism? Where is the button?

There isn’t a button ! And you don’t kick start to or reset it…It’s always working. It just adjusts or adapts to your calories. If you have been on a 1,200 calorie yo yo dieting phase for the majority fo you life your body will slow down to ensure it provides enough calories to the important things in your body like ORGANS!!! If anything you need to up your calories (some call it reverse dieting) gradually increasing calories … The body will do everything in its power to reduce metabolic output as a result of low calorie diets. Thyroid function will down regulate. NEAT will reduce. Overall energy will reduce. Muscle proteins will start to break down.

We actually need to bring your metabolism back to what we call base line/maintenance, get you our of conservation mode.. which answers then next question!

But I go onto starvation mode and loose weight. What is starvation mode?

There is no starvation mode...

We are just at conservation level - metabolic adaptation. So we just get used to this “low” and we need to change. Hence the addition to refeeds or a reverse diet. By sticking to an aggressive deficit for too long, the body has no choice but to downregulate thyroid function thereby reducing basal metabolic rate, as well as dramatically reducing energy expenditure for both exercise and NEAT. In severe cases, substantial muscle loss occurs as well.

But I have a shake diet and I did loose weight?

No shit. You are probably in a HUGE calorie deficit and we know what happens when we are in a deficit ..we loose weight. so yes a SHORT term weight loss is achievable and as you’ll have ditched the carbs, you won’t be holding on to water (carbs as we mentioned also cause the body to store extra water. When we eat carbs, the energy that we do not use right away is stored as glycogen molecules. Each gram (g) of glycogen comes with 3 g of water attached)

Here’s some ideas to weight loss

• Eat lower-calorie foods

• Consume high protein

• Consume high fiber

• Flexible control of diet versus rigid controls (all or nothing thinking)

• Consume lower glycemic index (GI) sources of carbohydrates

• Limit snacking

• Limit stress

• Eat mindfully

• Don’t eat in response to stress or emotions (this is tricky, since it’s not exactly a choice for some people. If this is you, I suggest talking to your Coach about emotional triggers)

• Don’t stay up very late

• Satisfaction with results

• High level of emotional intelligence and mindfulness

Questions? Shoot them over! That was a lot of information to listen to and read!

If you have just read this - you can also list to me here

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