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One thing I say when Coaching is "I will never tell you NOT to eat something and deprive yourself, just make healthier choices when choosing what to eat or have it in moderation" . The other thing I say is " Don't do a juice detox"

But I did one anyway.. just to see what the fuss was!

I didn't want a sugary "women shake" or "slim" shake we see on the market or the typical meal replacement shake I wanted to "DETOX" "RESET" "CLEANSE" "KICKSTART" "REBOOT", you know all the buzz words!

So the one that caught my eye was "KARMIC CLEANSE". Why I chose it:

  1. A client had recently tried it - referal

  2. The look of the juices - all fresh and have an expiry date - so not filled with preservatives and crap.

  3. It's all over my Facebook feed :)

  4. The bottles were cute

So no, I didn't read much about it! But who does? We ultimately try these things because they offer what we want & quickly - promising us the world.

- reduce toxity

- restore energy

- detox

- reduce sugar cravings

- weight loss (really just water retention as we don't eat carbohydrates) or any solids*

What it offers

My delivery arrived quickly (within 2 days) and in a nice little cooler bag in a box. I chose a 2 days plan as it's quite pricey and TBH and I didn't think I could last longer! It has a "Guide" where it describes the CLEANSE.

"The objective is to assist and enhance your body's natural detoxification functions, ultimately leaving you with more energy to enjoy life at it's fullest."

It also describes the side affects: headaches, slight nausea & hunger - this is mainly day 1. Day 2 and after they subside. Don't train - you should rest & rejuvenate, oh and you may be emotional! - Sounds like fun! And.... "each CLEANSE is an adventure with new experiences"

The FAQ's highlight you can eat - ideally steamed veg, 6-10 raw almonds even a boiled egg!

Now this is just MY review of a juice cleanse - I am not slamming the product, it's simply my option, because I am sure we are still allowed those ;) So please note this.

My review

I was super excited to try this CLEANSE. I had been feeling a bit crap, but that could be because I am tired and just over everything a needed a break. So the CLEANSE was a little "adventure" or excitement for me for 2 days.

I chose the 2 day Organic Git Health Cleanse for $134. 7 juices + Green Healing Soup (you can choose from a broth or a pumpkin soup) I chose the green one as I like green juices! . The juices come with a list of what each one is and the suggestion is to consume roughly 90 mins apart to avoid the dreaded sugar crash. So me being me I wrote the time I had to drink each one. Which for me meant I watched the clock all bloody day!

The juices were bloody delicious. OMG - with out a lie - sensational. My fav was the RED RAW & BEE POLLEN MILK. Below is the list from their website.

  • Morning Zing (Lemon, Ginger, Mint, Cinnamon, Filtered Water): Increase metabolism + kick-start digestion

  • Berry Digestive (Coconut Water, Seasonal Berry, Slippery Elm, Psyllium Husk, Filtered Water) : Soothe Digestive Tract + Anti Inflammatory + Reduce Gut Bloating

  • Leafy Green (Celery, Kale, Spinach, Cucumber): Phytonutrients + Anti-Oxidants + Vitamins A, K, C for anti-ageing and cell repair

  • Red Raw (Beetroot, Carrot, Celery, Lemon): Antioxidants + Nitrates to increase metabolism and energy

  • Botanical Chia Tea (Hibiscus Tea, Liquorice Root Tea, Filtered Water): Balance hormones + Reduce fatigue

  • Leafy Green (Celery, Kale, Spinach, Cucumber): Phytonutrients + Vitamins A, K, C for anti-ageing and cell repair

  • Season Healing Soup or Bone Broth

  • Bee Pollen Almond Milk (Almonds, Bee Pollen, Honey, Filtered Water, Himalayan Rock Salt: Zinc + Magnesium + Good Oils for body and mind balance

Day 1 - Wednesday

I clock watched , bloody hungry, annoyed, zero energy, but excited. I stupidly did a bit of the METAFIT class and thought I was going to pass out (note they say you just rest!) I could have timed the juices better as I felt like I drank them just because I had too. The soup was strangely delicious and weird all at one. But kinda wanted more! I slept like a baby on night one, but I could have just been exhausted. Oh, and I pooped a LOT!!! I avoided my usual Almond Milk FW, and had long blacks, even though they suggest zero coffee.... Fail #1

Day 2 - Thursday

I felt good when I woke up - and my Oura ring said I was recharged.... So maybe that was a good thing. The scales were down about 700g, BUT remember I hadn't had any solids. Doesn't mean I lost 700g of FAT, it's just "weight". I planned the juices better today, BUT by lunch I was fricken starving... and I trained at lunch - so I read the instructions and it said I could have veges - steamed zucchini and squash it was. I missed chewing food.... I was feeling better, more alive and 'lighter' but to tell you the truth I was over it. I just wanted to EAT. So I didn't follow the instructions and introduce food slowly.. I went straight for the Green Chicken Curry- Oh god. Mistake. I felt bloated, and that hungover feeling, nausea and SHIT! So not a good choice. I also continued to poop a lot!

All in all, it felt good to just not eat but I miss chewing - that's how I feel full! Once I was past the light headed feeling I felt ok. Don't train and do a CLEANSE. The juices were delicious and really reinforced for me how I can make my own more often. (Purchase the smoothie recipe guide) . It was a great way to consume more vegetables & fruit. So if you want to try it then go for it. It's not a weight loss tool, because that 700g came back once I got back to my regular eating :)

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