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I always thought it, now I know it's true!

Do you believe something to be true but don't want to face the facts?

You'd rather just sweep it under the rug?

Well this week I found something out that I knew deep down, but just didn't give it much thought.

As we enter the last week before Christmas and for me, 2 weeks off I have a case of CBF. Yep, never once did I think I would feel that way about training! ( I mean training myself) but I do.

However, I have found a loop hole. Get up and get it done first thing! Get up and get my session in whilst I am more motivated, fresh, the weather is cooler and the brain hasn't caught up to me!

I am what I suppose most people call a morning person. I am happy to wake up early and get stuff done, and can't wait to curl up on bed at 8.30pm.

Some people are like that and some people are they other way - night owls. Stay up late & get stuff done and sleep in longer. That's cool.

Figure out where you're at and make that work for YOU!

As we hit the warmer weather make the most of the beautiful mornings or the nice late night walks (or a Bootcamp at 6.30pm)

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