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How do I sign up & what do I need to know?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

It's actually really simple!

Make contact with me through Facebook, Instagram, text or call ( 0411 624 546) or email (

Complete our Pre Exercise Questionnaire and return to me via email

pre-exercise-screening-form tiupf v3
Download PDF • 189KB

Book in via our easy to use Booking System - here

Classes are held at 56 Flaxen Hills Rd, except for our two 6.15am classes - they are at Hilltop Park

Bring with you a drink bottle, towel and mat ( I do have spares!). Wear comfortable clothing (shorts or leggings)- layers are best if you get too hot!

Each session is 45 - 60mins in length

We always finish with a group photo!

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