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Happy 4th Birthday to Tone It Up…..

How could I nearly forget this date?

14th January

On my morning walk I was checking my Timehop photos for today and there was an a message I sent to I think it ws like 12 of my friends.

”First session in 35 degrees heat yesterday! Well done guys!

Ive started a Messenger thread to confirm numbers each week, so if you’d like to be added just message me!

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Same time, same place next week!

  • Tuesday 6.30pm

  • $10

  • BYO Towel & drink.

That was 4 years ago I decided to start my own Bootcamps at home.. a few things have changed since then:

  • I operate from Hilltop Park for Bootcamps (this year will have a room booked at Laurimar Community Centre)

  • We don’t have a hot summer!

  • We now have 5 Bootcamps a week + Junior Bootcamp + 1:1 Personal Training & Nutrition

  • Prices have gone up!

Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am that I have created this ‘backyard business’ - one of the local gym Managers called me that a few years back, so thanks for the encouragement to keep going. This business is my full time passion.

They said small businesses find it the toughest in their first 5 years, so here goes - full throttle for 2024!

Thank You to the past, present and in-between clients. Not everyone stays (but a lot do!) I always say you have to find what’s right for you. Some people love gyms and some love outdoors, some people love 1:1 and some people love groups. We all have to find what works for us.

Just a short note to say how grateful I am for all those who have trained with me at some point & look forward to many more years!

Coach Fe


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