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Get deep with your WHY! - Goal Setting

Last time we held a goal setting session it was a success!

So, it's time for our next one. Kicking of

the New Year on Tuesday 1st February 5pm & Wednesday 2nd February 6.30pm.

I have attached a Goal Setting Form for you to think about and bring to the session.

You have to get deep into your emotions


I want to do a chin up. Why do you want to do a chin up?

So I feel strong. Why is being strong important to you?

Being strong gives me confidence. Why is being confident important to you?

Being confident is important to me because this year I have lost who I am and feel that I do everything else for others and that my time is unimportant . Why is 'finding you' important to you? Because I need to remember I matter. I need to put myself first . My goal is to prioritise me

You get the point?

During the session I will ask you to share your goals, and I will share mine. Let's hold each other accountable. Please print and bring with you.

Tone It Up Goal Setting
Download PDF • 2.16MB

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