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Essential Tips to Happiness

They say true happiness comes from within. It's not a person or thing can make you happy, but they can ADD to your happiness

The last week or two I have been having not the best of weeks - to the point where I found myself saying out loud to Matt I was having a bad day and not coping "It's not a good day". It's not often I say it - I usually am pretty good at coping with hurdles & a very happy person, but this one got me good.

So I felt I needed to just fill my cup with a few things that made me happy.

So my Essential Tips to MY Happiness.... you may have your own too :) These are not in any order! ;)

  1. Take time for me. - Sleep & rest, cook and my all time favourite - STUDY! - just finished another course :) . It's not necessarily working out as I do this as my profession & a change of canary is good for me!

  2. Good Nutrition - Prepping meals & having lots of veges (see the immunity smoothie I made)

  3. Being Creative - Blogs, writing posts (helping others)

  4. Walking & listening to music (with a coffee!)

  5. Spending time with loved ones & friends

So when you are not coping or having a bit of a rough time, what do you do to recharge and feel good again?

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