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I was on my morning run, a little later than usual as I am really enjoying my sleep in's this holidays! It's nice not waking up in your own home and for me having that feeling "I should be doing something or I have to do something" being on holidays is like FREEDOM to me....

So whilst running I was thinking about my GOALS for 2022. Initially I thought it was about running, but in actual fact it's was about me having my time to myself and listen to my Audible downloads without feeling "guilty" for sitting down& listening to them or reading. Yes there are some things I need to work on with my "should" and "have too's" but I'll get there.

So my goals for 2022 is to have more personal development time, or just my time, and I have made it so it will include 30 - 50 mins movement whilst listening to audibles. This also make my movement (in this case running) more enjoyable, which in turn means I will stick to it. Because no one likes doing something they hate ...

If you just told me I had to run 5km every day with no music or sound then I can tell you know I wouldn't stick to it. Movement/ exercise however you want to frame it needs to be enjoyable.

So what is your GOAL for 2022?

We have our GOAL SETTING SESSION in February so time to get thinking...

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