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Don't read this!.... and don't eat cake!

When we tell our kids "don't do this/that" the first thing they do is the exact opposite of what we say.

So try this "Don't eat cake ever again" ... "Don't eat chips"... the first thing you think of is probably your favourite cake, or the last time you had chips and how good they tasted, you probably also went back to that time in your imagination....

When we ban ourselves or deprive ourselves we just making things a whole lot worst for ourselves. Now of course there are things we should limit ourselves too (and I am just making this about Health & Fitness ;) ) : alcohol, late nights, smoking, high fat foods, high salt foods, overeating.. just to name a few.

When we relay on 'avoidance' our will power & motivation to stick to them will most likely fail at some point.. and then it goes from here:

1. Get back on the good wagon

2.Try something different

3. Completely give up and just go on a constant spiral down

"Banning" ourselves from foods makes that food more desirable as we are psychologically drawn to things we can't have. The ban we place on the food suggests that it so desirable to us that our only chance is to force ourselves away from it, which in fact gives this low-quality food a higher perceived value.... interesting right?

With this we also label food "healthy / good" and "unhealthy/bad" ... that's to years of Social Media who have helped with giving us a warped sense of foods that are good/bad - THANKS!

Why can't we allow all foods in our diet?

Where is the middle ground?

When we ban food "cake" we go between totally avoiding it and then binging. You will gain more control of your diet but finding the happy medium between the two extremes. What you choose to do to improve your health & fitness it must be COMPLETELY SUSTAINABLE... trying to do too many things also will make it unsustainable.

I could list a million things that are not sustainable:

  • detoxes

  • shake diets

  • cutting food groups (Carbs!!)

  • training 3 times a day 7 days a week

  • restricting calories so low you cannot function

  • 6 week challenges

  • water diets

  • skipping meals

  • fruit diets

  • .......

Consistently doing something.. eating the cake less often /smaller portions, a morning walk/ one training session a week, once less burger a week, one early night a week..the little changes can result in BIG permanent positive change that can be further improved.

Also, when you consciously and mindfully "eat the cake" you may decide it may not be worth it & may not choose the cake next time....

Slowly you will go from someone who eats the cake all the time to someone who allows it but also someone who may choose not to have it!

So what am I getting at? Don't restrict yourself from food... enjoy your food. Know that some food we should have less of and some we have more of! Be AWARE of what you eat and how it makes you feel.

If you would like more assistance with what CALORIES you should be consuming to either

  1. Loose weight

  2. Gain weight

  3. Maintain a comfortable weight you..

Shoot me an email with the subject: Help Me


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