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Do you suffer from the most common injury?

Do you get a tight lower back? You are NOT alone... Firstly why do your muscles get 'tight'? They are working so hard doing all the work for the weaker muscles that they are over worked. Which then means something is underworked? What do you think that is?

I'll give you a hint? It looks good in jeans ;)


The Glutes consist of three muscles - and together are very powerful and most seem to be under used and under trained. Whether or not you like to run, deadlift, walk, squat, or move without pain, we need to focus on getting these guys to do their job properly.

Do you know how to train your glutes and what does ACTIVATION mean?

We follow these simple activation exercises in each session:

- Clams

- Prone Hip Extension

- Prone Sky Diver

- Front & Side Plank

Do you want to reduce your lower back pain?

Come along to one of our sessions to see how I can help you.

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