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Do I lead from the front or the back?

This week we have our Goal Setting session for our Bootcampers. I can't expect my team to set goals if I don't.

So here is mine.


What is STRONG to me? To be able to lift my own body weight with ease, to put the camper van up with ease. To look in the mirror and see definition. To move with ease. To pass weights to the team without flinching. Each month I will have achieved additional load or reps in my program

Ultimately the more I dug deeper my goal is CONFIDENCE...

When I was at my strongest:

- I could lift my own body weight

- I could lift heavy weights in the gym

- I could wear tight clothing and feel amazing

- I was proud of how my body looked - even if its not like other girls ( insert issue here with in the past boys saying I wasn't feminine enough **insert personal growth to acknowledge this was their insecurity not mine.... go figure that one)

- I was told I looked like a beast in the gym... yes I liked that compliment

- I wasn't sore

- I ate well and balanced - cause I was eating a lot of calories! - thats the bonus of going through a strength/build phase

What can get in my way?

Work. I work two jobs. A day job 3 days a week and then my business outside those hours - 6 days a week (sometimes 7). By the end of the day I am wrecked. To work around this, I must prioritise my training. What works for me? First thing in the morning. I also must prioritise a day off... I am very aware of my 'burning the candle at both ends' and fatigue.... So that means saying NO sometimes & delegating housework and cooking .... watch out boys!

My program is a 5 days so I have 2 days to work around...

Who can help me & how can I make this work?

I will need to call upon Matt to help with around the house and the kids....

I have a program - adjusting variables

I have a gym in my lounge room

Consistent training

I chose STRENGTH as my goals as this holdidays I really struggled putting up the camper van. I had really fallen off the training wagon last year as I was suffering from tennis elbow in both arms. Which meant holding weight, passing weights, lifting, grip strength was all up the sh!t. During the holidays it really made me feel miserable.

Being STRONG makes be feel HAPPY & CONFIDENT.

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