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Dieting: Part 1 - KISS

K - Keep

I - It

S - Simple

S - Silly

Let's ignore the long list of "DIETS" that we think we should be doing to loos weight: to name a few: Keto, Low Carb, Mediterranean , High Carb, High Protein, Blood Type, Body Composition, Paleo... and there are many many more.. and focus on what the actual science behind loosing weight is.

Firstly let's check in the difference between WEIGHT LOSS V FAT LOSS. Our body is made up of: muscle, fat, bone, organs, water & minerals

WEIGHT LOSS - the loss of everything excluding fat (ie muscle and water)

FAT LOSS - the loss of body fat

When the numbers go down on the scale it shows BODY WEIGHT -unless you have a body scan done or calliper (pinch Test) you do not know the actual amount of FAT MASS you have lost. This is where taking measurements and use of the pinch test becomes a great tool to see your FAT LOSS progress.

We can actually reduce that number by doing a poop, reducing water intake, reducing cars (which hold fluid), and even a colonic irrigation.

However let's get back on topic on how to reduce the numbers overall:

MOVE MORE (steps, weight training)

EAT LESS (reduce daily calories)

Shit.. the secret is out. That's the silver bullet. That's the KEY.

The FOUNDATION to WEIGHT LOSS. Eat less, move more.

If you are unsure about how many calories you need to eat - I know someone who can help!

If you're not ready to face the music of food - then get moving. Add an extra gym session, go for an extra walk...

The average person can do this, it works for them. For others we have a few barriers that prevent this being as easy:

- genetics

- behaviour

I'd love to hear your experiences with "DIETING" and what works for you and not....

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