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Can you move quickly & Easily?

Well our Term 3 Junior's will in about 10 weeks!

Junior Bootcamp Term 3 kicked off this week…

It’s great to see some new faces and old this term! So Welcome & Welcome back.

Each Term I like to focus on a certain area.

Term 1 - Foundations (Nutrition & Body weight exercises & in general getting to move).

Term 1 for me also about watching the kids ‘come out of their shell” after the two years of lockdowns and not a lot of school it was an opportunity for the kids to learn to socialise, share and work with others. I watched their form improve on basic movements like planks, push ups & squats and improved posture.

Term 2 - Resistance (adding external weights to workouts)

Term 2 I introduced resistance in the form of battle ropes, slam balls, dumbbell and bands. They also had to think of different exercises and show the group what they had come up with.

One game that has become a staple before every session is ‘tag’ or ’tigi’ - We start each session with the same warm up so the kids can see progression & learn the importance of warming up before sport!

Plank - 45sec - 1 min

Sit ups - 20

Push Ups - 20

Squats - 20

Lunges - 20

….and run!

Term 3 - Agility (moving quickly and in various directions).

Most of the kids play sports or like a sport that the players have to have agility. For the Basketballers & Footballers in the group this will help your sport! And of course in a game of tag!

Week 1 we did a few timed tests of how quick the kids could run zig zag and touch markers on the ground - 3 rounds. They did pretty good and I noticed the competitive streak come out in a few! We will re-test mid term and end of term.

I also introduced skipping! We will be practicing this most weeks so if you have a rope at home - brush off the cobwebs and get skipping!

Term 4 - You’d better book in to find out!

We have two groups going Term 3 & Term 4. I have also changed the payments option to make it Week By Week as I know kids have other commitments and can’t always make it.

If you are keen for this option - I just need a few things:

  1. Book through the App - ( - this is so I know how many are coming to the class and can plan accordingly

  2. Complete the attached Waiver (

OR if you’d like a trial session - then please shoot me a message here

Thank you to all the Mums & Dad’s that take time out of their schedule to bring your kids to Junior Bootcamp, it really does mean a lot.

See you next week & keep skipping,

Coach Fiona

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