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Are you wasting your most precious resource?

What is one thing you can have, but never get back?

How you spend yours is down to you. We all have the same amount in a day :)

No one knows how much you have.

You are the master of your own.


I'm a clock watcher. I live IN TIME. My life, well my career is time driven.

We all have 24hours in a day, how we spend those is up to us. What we prioritise in that time is up to us.

Now why am I writing this? A few reasons.

If you are hesitant to begin your fitness regime because you think you should be 'fitter' or ' 'healthier' to start. Then ask your self how many times have you said that to yourself & still not started ? STOP wasting time, start NOW.

Make time for yourself. I say this a lot and don't really practice what I preach. There's always something to do right? Washing, cooking, drop offs, meetings, appointments... There will always be something. Maybe just prioritise ...washing can always wait!

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN... Have you noticed couples or groups of kids at out and they are all on their phones? Even sitting on the couch.... talk! Spend time with each other. Ask about each other's day! What's that saying? You'll miss them when they're not there.

There isn't a time limit or minimum amount of time you need to spend exercising! I used to think it had to be hour - but you can get a lot of movement and increase that heart rate in 15mins. You can do this twice if you don't have a lot of time all at once. Once in the morning & then once at night. JUST MOVE!

You are the master of your time.. Spend it wisely ;)

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