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2024 brings some behind the scene changes and a few upfront changes!

I am excited to share that from 2024 I will have a new all in one app (it’s not MINE, but a Melbourne based company!). Within this app we will have:

  • A new look booking system (no more texts to confirm, but all IN APP)

  • PT Programming

  • Nutrition Meals

  • In App communications

  • Easy online Payments

  • View all bookings in one calendar

Head to your APP store and search 'PT MATE MEMBER' Download

You will be given the option to Join Tone It Up Coaching with a PIN 0411 624 546

This will then sign you up to us!.. Woohoo. Add a photo of yourself & say hello in the group chat.

This app will now be your HOME for all things Tone It Up

- Bookings ( Personal Training, Bootcamps & Junior Bootcamp) all reminders will be via this app too

- Purchases for new sessions

- Nutrition Plans (FREE until 30/11/2023) or $14 Per week following

- Personalised Training Plans

- Track all your measurements and stats

- Communication with Trainers and Team

2024 will also see my Junior Bootcamp on ONE day for a ONE HOUR session - so all ages on a Wednesday 4pm-5pm

Bootcamp will continue with our sessions with the addition of Kettlebell Sessions

PT will have a ‘new look’ and excited to share a more cost effective Small Group and 2:1 sessions

Nutrition will take a big turn in 2024 will MEAL PLANS being on the list and not generic meal plans for 1,200 calories…but Individualised, realistic & delicious plans.

Ensure you follow me on Facebook and IG

See you soon!


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