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8 Week Challenge - BEGINS!

Today marks day 3 of the 8 Week Challenge ..

A little back ground to WHY I launched the Challenge when I did...

  1. Routine / Structure / Planning

As kids head back to school and parents go back to the routine of school drop offs, work, after school & weekend activities our lives resemble some sort of balannce. Behind any 'great' "DIET" I use that term loosely and more towards NUTRITION, training program is a structure or a plan. As I am sure you have a plan for your day - kids drop off, head to work (where you will have a To Do List for your day) pick kids up, dinner etc etc...

My Team of Challengers have a STRUCTURE to follow in regards to hitting macros. As always the main focus us to hit protein , then follow up with carbs/fats. They are required to track foods as this gives me an insight as to what choices they have made and where I can help. They re not given a meal plan (unless they want one) so basically it's a huge learning curve on making the BEST possible choices to suit their plan. Example, you love your morning coffee, but the latte and 2 sugars are really tipping the calories over then maybe the choice of coffee needs to change... so maybe only a dash of milk and 1 sugar... then next week we remove the other sugar. Of course this is just an example and if you have drunk the same type of coffee for 10 years, this HABIT is going to need some work. But that is also the aim of the Challenge.

2. Habits

A HABIT "a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up." My firs habit to loose is the biscuits I like to have before bed... god knows how I started this, but the 141 calories Id rather have elsewhere.. Now it may not seem much for a day. But if I just keep going over my calories by 141 for 7 days, thats an extra 1,000 calories a week... So just to keep this in perspective.

To loose weight we need to use more than we put in. Our output needs to be higher than our input. This will = a calories deficit = weight loss. So if each week I am consuming 1,000 more calories than I am using I will either gain weight or even just stay at the same weight, but if my goals is to loose weight, I need to drop that 1,000.

A conversation I had this week which I'd like to share.... Not everyone likes to track food, or it's too hard or they don't have time. I do understand. I first started tracking years ago and I struggled and found it annoying- but how else do you know what you are consuming?

We can basics at first, like remove something from your diet say the biscuits and that can make a bit of change on weight loss, you could swap out the sugary cereal for some oats and berries - again this may see a change. But there will become a pint where we really do need to the calories being consumed.

Removing meals or lets say not eating until 12noon (ie Intermittent fasting) some say works for them. So let's look at this - you are removing a meal so roughly removing 200-300/500calories.. which will = reduction in calories = weight loss. HOWEVER, if your food choices are high calorie meals then you may not be consuming fewer calories.

So your first meal at lunch could be a hamburger, with sauce and chips and then you just have a chicken and veges for dinner... These meals (although you are only eating twice) could be double /triple your calories allowance... does that make sense?

Food choices are imperative to weight loss. A few things to consider:

- Protein Source at each meal

- Fibre content - are you pooping enough

- Fresh food (avoid processed)

- Balanced ( variety of meats or veges) & all food groups

- Don't avoid food groups

- Eat foods that 'agree' with you (avoid foods that make you feel bloated or uncomfortable)

- Fruit /vege each meal


After the Christmas period most people set New Year's Resolutions to loose weight or join a gym or do something as the overindulging has made them 'uncomfortable' .... So rather than set crazy ideas of what you are going to do with zero help and accountability - I thought I'd create this Challenge. I also succeed with structure and planning so I am jumping on board. It's also a great chance for me to share with you what I know and how I can help you.

If a Challenge is not for you - there are various options:

- Group Fitness

- Personal Training 1:1 & 2:1 (face to face)

- Online Coaching (Training & Nutrition)

Contact me to see how I can help you .. 0411 624 546

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