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You may have seen my video in our Private Group on (join here) if not go check it out, however I'll let you in on more details.

For 12 weeks - that's 3 months I will running a Challenge for you & myself. What will in entail?

- Starts June 2022

- 10 Participants only (open to TIU members first)

- 12 Weeks Training Program - must have access to gym or PT Sessions (resistance training) & cardio

- 12 Weeks of Nutrition - must track all food through My Fitness Pal includes weighing food!

- 12 Weeks of tracking measurements /statistics

- Hitting step targets

- Weekly Group Chats

- Private FB Group

- Macro Guide

- Weekly completion of Feedback Sheet

If you are interested in the 12 Week Challenge - it's simple. Email ( me answering the following:

  1. Why do you want to join the 12 Week Challenge? Keep asking yourself 7 times why that is important to you.

  2. If your goal is weight loss. How much weight do you feel you want to loose?

  3. Will you track your food daily & consistency through via the app?

  4. Will you participate in group chats/ 1:1?

  5. Will you require PT Session?

I am excited to run this Challenge for you and can't wait to hit the ground running!


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