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Personal Training 
Location: Doreen 

  • Photos - a great tool for visual changes -I can take these or these can be taken in your own home (front, both sides and back) - please wear tank top and shorts, tight fitting so we can see change and your hardwork!

  • Measurements/weight/ Body Fat % - Using the data to record changes. 

  • Individual Nutritional recommendations/ Meal Plan Guides

  • Goal setting / Mindset Coaching

  • 4 Week periodised Program specific to goals - 12 Week Block

  • Small Group (2-4 available)

  • Home based Studio in Doreen

Face to Face Training - Group & PT: Welcome

Group Fitness - Bootcamp

Location: Doreen

$16 Casual

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group 

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Structured Programs (modified for injures etc)

  • Fun & Challenging sessions

  • Motivating community

  • Additional Programs through out FB group for you to do at home

  • Discount for Packages 

IMG_9060 2.JPG
Face to Face Training - Group & PT: Welcome

Junior Bootcamp 
Location: Doreen

Sessions Packs per Term

Each Term we will be covering: 

- Kids Nutrition

- Plyometrics, Speed & Agility

- Resistance Training 

- Cardio Training

- Flexiability 

- Having Fun

- Team Sports 

With nearly 2 years in Lockdown kids have suffered with social interaction, hand eye co-ordination, movement & high screen usage which can lead to poor posture and lack of face to face interaction. 

With class numbers set at 12 per session bookings are essential.

To find out more click below.

Face to Face Training - Group & PT: Welcome
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